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Lorraine Reguly

Writer, Editor, Blogger, Self-Publishing Aide, Consultant, Writing and Editing

Lorraine Reguly is a freelance writer, editor, and blogger who provides stellar services at superb rates.

Lorraine Reguly's Bio:

Lorraine is a reliable, highly skilled, Canadian-based freelance writer, editor, and blogger who has written for many top blogs online. (Check out her portfolio. You'll be impressed!)   She also provides services as a self-publishing aide and can be hired for coaching or consulting (either personal OR professional).   Lorraine offers quick turnaround times and competitive rates. Her clients have always been pleased with her stellar services and superb rates. (Check out the testimonials she's received!)   Lorraine has written numerous articles and blog posts, many of which hit THE #1 SPOT on Google!   (Note that YOU can put Lorraine's talents to use for YOURSELF and YOUR business. Lorraine can help you grow your business as well as add fresh content to your website on a regular basis through blog posts that are highly sharable, unique, with high SEO.)   Contact Lorraine today, via [email protected]  // ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]> // ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]> // ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]> // ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]> // ]]]]]]]]]]]]> // ]]]]]]]]]]> // ]]]]]]]]> // ]]]]]]> // ]]]]>]]> OR at [email protected]   Lorraine can also be contacted by phone at 807-251-2836, Skype (as Lorraine Reguly), or through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+.   More about Lorraine, her experience, her qualifications, and achievements:   Lorraine has also written several articles and letters, which have been published in local papers in Thunder Bay, Ontario, including The Argus, Lakehead University's newspaper. These particular articles focus on her life experiences, which have been vast.   Lorraine has many hobbies, loves to read, and has a passion for the English language.     Lorraine ascribes herself to a high standard and is a perfectionist!   Lorraine Reguly is an English teacher, too.   She studied at Lakehead University. Over the years, has been the recipient of the following scholarships and awards: Ontario College of Teachers' Certificate of Registration (June 1999) Certificates of Qualifications (1999 to present) Ontario Teachers' Federation Certificate for Summer Institute (August 2000) Ministry of Education's Certificate of Appreciation for the Grade 9 Ontario Exemplars Project (2000) Lakehead University Student Union Silver Jubilee Scholarship Lakehead University Entrance Award of Academic Excellence Lakehead Board of Education's Dawson Education Scholarship Kiwana's Club of Westfort Scholarship Award OAC Gold Medal Award High School Business Skills Certificate High School Achievement Certificate High School Academic Certificate  and Grade 8 Valedictorian Plaque/Award.   Lorraine Reguly was employed as a high school teacher for seven semesters, and even wrote copy for the Ministry of Education in Ontario, for the Grade 9 Exemplars Project.   Lorraine had to leave her teaching position and move back home due to extenuating family circumstances that demanded her attention.   Lorraine is a competent person who has many abilities and innate skills. She is an excellent writer and editor who possesses sharp eyes and pays attention to even the smallest of details.    Lorraine Reguly is the founder of "Wording Well," where she gives away "20 Blog Post Must-Haves," an ebook that provides the utlimate checklist all bloggers should use (free when you sign up for her newsletter).   Lorraine is also the author of Risky Issues, an e-book of short stories about identity, drugs, abuse, death and friendship. Her official author website is Lorraine Reguly: Laying It Out There.   Hire Lorraine today for any or all of the four services she offers at Wording Well. You won't be disappointed you did!       

Lorraine Reguly's Experience:

  • Blog/Website Consultant at The Blind Blogger

    I am and have been responsible for: * editing blog posts and pages * updating pages with pertinent links * providing blog improvement advice * implementing said advice * creating a header image for the website * editing the ebook: Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light: A Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to Success * turning ebook into a print book * uploading all book files to Amazon, Selz, and CreateSpace * creating a Media Kit

  • Blog Post Writer and Guest at Various Websites

    I have written for and been a guest on various websites. I have also responded to all comments left on those blog posts. I have been paid for some; some were done for free. For a list of these posts, please refer to my Portfolio page on Wording Well.

  • Freelancer and Business Owner at Wording Well

    As a business owner, I have many responsibilities, including maintaining my website, writing blog posts, keeping accurate records, etc. As a freelancer, I provide my clients with stellar services at superb rates. The testimonials I've received speak for themselves. I do freelance writing, editing, and blogging. I also help others become independently published authors and assist them with turning their e-books into print books. As a consultant, I provide advice and an individually-tailored package for my clients so that they can improve their websites, their blogging strategies, their social media presence, etc. Basically, I help these clients with whatever it is that they need assistance.

  • Freelance Writer, Editor,Author, and Online/Blog/Website Consultant at Wording Well

    Wording Well (my freelance-based business) is committed to helping both individuals and businesses prosper online, and offers various writing, editing, social media, and blog/website services to do so. Wording Well can be hired to perform any or all of the following: * write interesting and original web content that is highly sharable and search-engine friendly * edit copy you have already created by polishing and perfecting your writing * create a website of your own * create an easy-to-follow blogging strategy that you can implement either yourself * assist you with implementing a blogging strategy for your business and supply you with fresh content that will expose your brand to a larger audience and ultimately translate into more sales * help you improve your online presence through social media * create relevant digital books for your business * turn your digital books into print books

  • Writer/Blog Post Contributor at

    I wrote "7 Signs You’re Pregnant and Don’t Know It" for

  • Ghostwriter at Entice Online Marketing

    Ghostwriting. I can't say much more than that!

  • Editor at

    I edited Dave Chesson's e-book on Amazon rankings, which he gives away free on his website,

  • Writer and Editor at Dear Blogger

    I performed several services for Dear Blogger on a monthly basis, including writing blog posts, editing blog posts, responding to comments, and promoting Dear Blogger's posts on social media. I also often went beyond the call of duty, assisting Dear Blogger with time-consuming but necessary blog-related tasks.

  • Blog Post Writer at Make A Living Writing

    I wrote "Are You a Successful Freelance Writer? 6 Ways to Tell" for Carol Tice, the owner of Make A Living Writing.

  • Blog Post Editor at

    I edited blog posts for Ashley Faulkes, owner of

  • Beta Reader - turned - editor at Melissa Bowersock/Wordlovers

    Editor of Melissa Bowersock's 2013 novel, Stone's Ghost.

  • High School Teacher at Rainy River District School Board

    This position involved teaching Mathematics and English to students in Grades 9-12, writing report cards, planning lessons, building a rapport with students and colleagues, interacting with parents, following guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Education, using effective time-management, modifying curriculum for special-needs students, and collaborating with teachers' aides, parents, administration and co-workers. This position also included course development for Grade 10 Academic & Grade 11 College & Workplace Maths. The developmental actions performed include the following: 1. Creating lesson plans using Discovery Learning Activities, clearly identifying how they met specific Ministry expectations, 2. Creating rubrics and applying them in the evaluation of varied student activities, 3. Adapting and using some of the course profile activites, 4. Following Ministry guidelines by evaluating within the four categories, 5. Collaborating with other teachers teaching concurrent classes of MPM1D and MFM2P to ensure that all students could write common exams, 6. Assisting in the development and implementation of MPM1D, 7. Co-developing and teaching half of MFM2P, 8. Creating, developing and implementing MPM2D AND MBF3C, perfecting each course via revisions in the subsequent semester, and 9. Creating the final exams for MPM2D and MBF3C.

  • Contributor for the Grade 9 Exemplars Project at Ministry of Education

    This position involved working for four days with other teachers on the Grade 9 Exemplars Project by grading students' works according to a rubric and reaching unanimous decisions. I also assisted in writing corresponding documents regarding the evaluation of the new curriculum.

  • Supply Teacher at Thunder Bay Catholic School Board

    This position involved "filling in" for the absent teacher, and performing his/her duties while he/she was absent. I supply taught for Grades 10 and 12 Mathematics and Grade 12 English.

  • Volunteer at Thunder Bay Literacy Group

    I tutored a 19-year-old student in Grade 11 Mathematics. This student had a severe speech impediment and extreme patience was required when listening to him speak. With my tutelage, he ended up passing his course with a grade he was pleased with!

  • Volunteer at Adult Education Centre

    I tutored students of various ages in English and Mathematics and often provided counselling and problem-solving assistance to many of them. I also assisted teachers with clerical work such as answering the phone, photocopying, and filing.

Lorraine Reguly's Education:

  • Lakehead University

    Concentration: Mathematics and English
  • Confederation College

    Course Credit
    Concentration: Conversational Spanish
  • Adult Education Centre

    Concentration: OACs (Ontario Academic Credits)

Lorraine Reguly's Interests & Activities:

I *love* reading and writing. I enjoy these two activities so much that I started a freelancing business. Using my super-fast laptop and excellent internet connection, I strive to make others' lives easier by helping them with their writing and editing needs. My main interests include reading, writing, watching sitcoms, playing cards, and spending time with family. I also like teaching and helping others. How can I help you today? Email me at lorraine@wordingwell and let me know!

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